Oak flooring is consistantly the most popular choice - available in different styles to match the existing theme and tone of the room.

When it comes to making the decision to have hardwood flooring fitted in your home, oak is consistently the most popular choice. At Just Wood we have a wide range of oak wood flooring, available in an array of different shades, finishes, widths and styles with something to suit every taste.

Oak is an incredibly hard and durable species of wood, with high levels of shock absorbance and resistance to splitting, as well as resistance to insects and fungi. With oak hardwood, you can be confident that your flooring will last a lifetime. Oak is an incredibly versatile hardwood which can be processed, aged, smoked, textured, stained and coloured very easily, and is also available with oiled, lacquered and waxed finishes. This range of possible colours and shades, combined with the long graining and beautiful texture of the wood, means that oak flooring will add a feeling of classic beauty and luxury to any room you put it in. Oak will also undergo some colour change as the years pass, becoming a deeper and richer shade of brown over time. Another factor that has contributed to the popularity of oak hardwood flooring is the fact that it requires minimal maintenance – simply sweep or dust mop your floor once a week, and it will retain its original beauty for years. Don’t forget, at Just Wood we offer a professional installation service, so you can rest assured knowing your beautiful oak flooring will be fitted by experts.

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